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An implant functions as a surrogate tooth root and is complemented by a dental restoration, such as a crown, to aid in the restoration of dental functionality, enhance aesthetics, and provide a natural feel.
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What Are Dental Implants?

An implant is a compact metallic screw that serves as a complete tooth replacement. During a concise surgical procedure, your dentist strategically places the implant beneath your gum, precisely where a natural tooth would reside. This implant emulates the role of a genuine tooth root and is subsequently augmented with a dental restoration, like a crown, to ensure it closely resembles and feels akin to a genuine tooth.

The process of obtaining dental implants is a significant undertaking. If you’re contemplating this procedure but are uncertain about what to anticipate, you’ve come to the right place. In the following explanation, we’ll provide you with comprehensive insights so you can make an educated choice regarding your dental treatment.

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My experience at the Drayton Dental Clinic has been top notch from the first time I met Dr. Mang. He is so friendly and is a very compassionate person. He is always checking in to make sure that everything is okay during every procedure. He doesn`t want there to be any pain, as I'm always very relaxed during my appointment and he always shows an interest in what is going on in my world. He comes across to me as being very intelligent. I couldn`t ask for a better experience!

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My experience at Drayton Dental was excellent! The perfect combination of caring and professional, everyone I interacted with went above and beyond to ensure I was happy and comfortable. I had a cleaning and a new patient exam, and when they found a cavity, they were able to fill it within the same appointment. I highly recommend!

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Great group of professionals-fast, efficient, and friendly!

Why Dental Implants Might Be Needed

Your natural teeth play a crucial role in upholding the form and structure of your smile, enabling you to eat and speak with ease.

The presence of a gap in your smile can lead to the misalignment of adjacent teeth, potentially escalating the risk of oral health complications. The loss of just one tooth can set off a series of detrimental events in your oral cavity, impacting not only your dental well-being but also the aesthetics of your facial features and your overall quality of life.

Even if you do not immediately notice the effects of missing teeth, there is an inevitable concern: bone resorption. This is a natural process wherein your body reabsorbs non-essential bone tissue, redirecting its mineral resources elsewhere in the body.

While your jawbone is occupied by teeth, they exert pressure on it, prompting the production of fresh bone tissue. However, once those teeth are absent, the bone tissue becomes redundant and gradually dissolves away. The outcome? A diminished jawline and chin, leading to the development of wrinkles and a hollowed appearance of your cheeks and lips.

Dental implants represent the second-best alternative to natural teeth. By replacing lost teeth with implants, you can either avert or rectify the aforementioned issues, ensuring the preservation of your oral health and the restoration of your facial aesthetics.

What You Can Anticipate During Your Dental Implant Treatment Journey

The actual implant placement process is much more comfortable than you might imagine.

Doing The Assessment

Initially, you will undergo a dental implant consultation to determine the suitability of implants for your specific needs. During this evaluation, your dentist will utilize X-rays and a 3D cone-beam CT scan to assess the condition of your jawbone and meticulously strategize your treatment. Additionally, the dental team will capture scans or impressions of your teeth to assist in the precise planning of the implant’s placement angle.

Adding The Implant

To ensure your comfort, we will provide local anesthesia to numb the surgical area entirely. The dentist then makes a small incision in both the gum and underlying bone. Subsequently, the implant post is carefully positioned within this incision. Occasionally, sutures may be required, although not always, to close the gum tissue.

Finalizing The Restoration

After the initial procedure, you will return home to allow your implant to heal over the next several months. Upon your subsequent visit to our practice, your dental restoration will be prepared and waiting for you. We will then affix the restoration, and you will leave with a completely new and fully functional tooth.

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Your consultation will include an examination of everything from your teeth, gums and soft tissues to the shape and condition of your bite. Generally, we want to see how your whole mouth looks and functions. Before we plan your treatment we want to know everything about the health and aesthetic of your smile, and, most importantly, what you want to achieve so we can help you get there.

The Cost Of An Implant In Drayton

In Drayton, the cost for a single dental implant typically ranges from approximately $3,000 to $6,000 or more. Full-mouth reconstructive dental implants can vary widely in cost, starting at $6,000 and potentially exceeding $60,000. For a complete set of implant-supported dentures, the average cost is around $30,000. It’s important to note that no dental practice can provide an accurate quote over the phone due to the complex nature of dental implant procedures, which depend on individual factors.

Several key factors influence the cost of dental implant surgery, including:

  1. The type and quantity of implants required.
  2. The materials and supplies used in the procedure.
  3. The expertise and experience of the dental team involved in your treatment.
  4. The location and complexity of the surgical procedure.
  5. Your recovery time and ongoing care, with our commitment to supporting you throughout the process.

Every case is unique, and it’s essential to consult with a dentist, undergo an oral examination, and explore various treatment options to receive a more precise quote tailored to your specific needs.

Regarding alternatives for missing teeth:

  • For gaps caused by 1 to 3 missing teeth, dental bridges may be a suitable solution.
  • Extensive tooth loss, whether in the upper or lower arch or across the entire mouth, can often be addressed with dental prosthetics or removable dentures.

When comparing the cost of dental implants to other tooth replacement options, it’s crucial to consider the pros and cons. Dental implants may involve a higher initial investment, but they offer superior stability and durability compared to bridges or dentures. Removable dental prosthetics require different care and maintenance and may require periodic adjustments or replacements as you age. In contrast, dental implants can be maintained with routine at-home oral care and regular dental check-ups, potentially lasting a lifetime with proper care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely no one ever has to know that your implants are not your natural teeth. Dental implants are made of metal screws, but these are hidden beneath your gums and covered with lifelike restorations that blend in naturally with the rest of your smile.

Dentures and implants are distinct in their functionality, operating in fundamentally different manners. Dentures sit atop your gums and exert pressure on the underlying bone tissue, while implants enhance your bite strength by anchoring securely below your gum line. Each tooth replacement choice possesses its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For a personalized assessment of which treatment suits you best, we encourage you to schedule an in-person consultation with us.

For individuals who may not be suitable candidates for dental implants, dental bridges or full/partial dentures can offer effective solutions for replacing missing teeth. To explore the most suitable options tailored to your unique requirements, we encourage you to reach out and schedule an appointment with us. Our team is ready to provide comprehensive information, address your specific queries, and discuss all available alternatives.

To be eligible for a dental implant, you must be an adult with overall good oral health. Your jawbone should possess the necessary strength to support the implant, and other supporting tissues, such as your gums, should be in a healthy condition to minimize the risk of complications. If you have any doubts about your candidacy, we recommend reaching out to us for a definitive assessment. In many cases, there are treatments available to improve your oral health, with the ultimate objective of becoming a suitable candidate for a dental implant. Additionally, there are often alternative options to consider for addressing missing teeth.

Certainly! Your dental implant can be capped with a custom-made crown, bridge, or implant-supported dentures designed for your comfort. These custom-crafted teeth are meticulously shaped and colored to seamlessly blend with your existing teeth and bite. Patients frequently find it challenging to differentiate between their natural teeth and their impeccably matched dental implants, resulting in a seamless and beautiful appearance.

The field of dental implants has advanced at such a rapid pace from its early stages that it has become an exceptionally reliable and relatively painless procedure today. The dental implant process is executed with utmost precision and care, aiming to minimize any discomfort you may feel. Following the procedure, with appropriate post-treatment care, you can anticipate minimal swelling and virtually no bleeding. Your well-being, both physical and emotional, is of utmost importance to us. If you have any concerns or anxiety about your visit, please don’t hesitate to inform us so we can provide you with the necessary support and reassurance.

Just treat them like a normal tooth with flossing and brushing.

No, implants do not need to be routinely replaced. Once you get a dental implant, it is meant to stay with you for a very long time.

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